Caliburn G2 พอตที่นิยมตอนนี้

Caliburn G2 pot is popular right now.

The Uwell Caliburn G2 electronic cigarette is considered one of the most attractive e-cigarette pots of this year. This model has an upgraded pot system and various features from the original model, such as a 750mAh battery, increased coil ohm values. Added holes for adjusting airflow. Allows users to choose a wider variety of pump feels. either soft or firm Make the smell clearer Gives the feeling of smoking like real cigarettes according to Caliburn standards. The coil of Uwell Caliburn G2 can be separated from the tank head. When changing the coil, just change the body. No need to change the entire tank head. Easy to smoke and gives a much clearer taste. There is also a vibrating system to notify you when inserting the coil, removing the coil, and plugging in the charging cable. or pull out the charging cable For anyone who is afraid that it will be difficult to carry No need to worry, because Uwell Caliburn G2 has a slim, lightweight design, making it extremely easy to carry.
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