POD relx infinity ดีอย่างไร?

How good is POD relx infinity?

RELX INFINITY, cheap electronic cigarettes, the best quality and ease.

Anyone who is addicted to smoking traditional cigarettes and are looking for an effective help in quitting smoking. Looking for a good electronic cigarette , you've come to the right place. And for anyone who already smokes pod system e-cigarettes but is tired of having to carry a bottle of saltnic e-cigarette liquid with them, mafiavapeshop We have electronic cigarettes that are cheap, good quality, and extremely easy to use. Let's recommend that everyone can choose to buy and use. that is easiest to use That is Relx Infinity, a close system pod system electronic cigarette, which is an electronic cigarette that has saltnic e-cigarette liquid It comes pre-packaged in a pot. Ready to use immediately We don't need to find saltnic e-cigarette liquid to add. This Relx infinity e-cigarette has a filling that is similar to real smoking, making it a pod system e-cigarette that is effective in helping people who are addicted to smoking. Cigarettes can really help you quit smoking, and in addition, relx infinity also has a product design winner award in a global competition such as the Red Dot Award Product Design Award in 2020, guaranteeing quality as well. Therefore making it an e-cigarette that every e-cigarette shop must sell. If you want to know what advantages and disadvantages Rexl infinity will have, let's go have a look.

Equipment inside the RELX INFINITY box that you will receive

  • 1. Relx Infinity Pod Kit 380 mAh (empty unit)
  • 2.User Manual
  • 3. USB type-c charging cable

Size and features of the Relx infinity electronic cigarette

  • 1. The Relx infinit has dimensions of 112mm x 23mm x 10mm.
  • 2. Has a power supply of 15 watts.
  • 3.Built in battery size 380mAH
  • 4. It takes 45 minutes to fully charge for 1 cycle.
  • 5. Working of the relx infinity machine
  • 6. Material of the coil attached to the pot head. It's a ceramic coil.
  • 7. Pot head holds 2 milliliters of electric cigarette liquid.
  • 8. The device weighs 25 grams.
  • 9. Can be smoked 300-400 times per 1 pot (depending on the user's smoking habits)

Relx Infinity has e-cigarette liquid. What does it smell like?

  • 1. Electronic cigarette liquid with tobacco scent or tobacco scent
  • 2. Coke flavored e-cigarette liquid
  • 3. Melon flavored e-cigarette liquid
  • 4. Mint flavored e-cigarette liquid
  • 5. Green juice flavored e-cigarette liquid
  • 6. Lychee flavored e-cigarette liquid
  • 7. Watermelon flavored e-cigarette liquid
  • 8. Peach flavored e-cigarette liquid
  • 9. Orange flavor e-cigarette liquid
  • 10 grape flavored e-cigarette liquids
  • 11. Melon flavored e-cigarette liquid
  • 12. Strawberry flavored e-cigarette liquid

Pros and Cons of Relx Infinity

Highlights of Relx Infinity

  • 1. There is saltnic e-cigarette liquid supplied with the pot head. No need to find saltnic e-cigarette liquid to put in.
  • 2. Phil smokes a tight cigarette, closest to a real cigarette.
  • 3. Contains strong nicotine You don't have to smoke a lot. You'll feel full quickly.
  • 4. The saltnic e-cigarette liquid has a unique smell.
  • 5. The machine works with an auto draw system or will work only when pumping. Prevent button release events
  • 6. Easy to use, just insert the head into the machine and it is ready to use immediately.
  • 7. Can be charged with a power bank.
  • 8. It is an electronic cigarette pod system that is easy to use, no need to set wattage, air, or find a compatible coil to use. Very suitable for beginners.

Cons of Relx Infinity

  • 1. Cannot refill saltnic e-cigarette liquid again.
  • 2. The smell of saltnic e-cigarette liquid has a limited odor.
  • 3. Unable to adjust power supply wattage and air holes.

Why should you choose Relx infinity?

With the excellent technological design of Relx infinity Makes it smooth with each pump. which has both the quantity and quality of steam pumped in regularly And the saltnic e-cigarette liquid also has a unique flavor. and has smooth nicotine It also has a design that prevents leakage of e-cigarette liquid. Users don't have to worry about putting it in their bag to carry their electronic cigarettes anymore.

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